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Get to know more about our store and how we have grown throughout the ages and why we are the best on the market

My Online Psyched Store  was founded in 2007 to offer customers with quality psychedelic products ranging from LSD, changa, MDMA, 5 meo, Ayahuasca, DMT, Salvia divinorum, Kratom for sale and Ethnobotanical products. Over the past six years, The Psychedelic Way has introduced a number of different product lines and is now a key player in the business of manufacturing and distributing salvia and legal blends. We offer a wide array of products including Salvia for sale in extract forms of (10-60X), Kratom thai powder, a variety of herbal Incense such as Chrono Smoke.

My Online Psyched Store is currently serving clients from two locations.

Our offices and operations are located in California & in New York. All of our products are manufactured, packaged, processed and shipped from our New York & California location. Our system is designed to effectively service customers located in the United States and Europe by allowing us to offer

My Online Psyched Store  is committed to the safety and security of its customers as part of that commitment, The Psychedelic Way we provide privacy and discreet shipping options. For more information about our shipping policy and our return policy follow the links to find out more. If you have any unanswered questions you can visit our Help Page.

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