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buy magic mushrooms. The Penis Envy mushroom was originally rumored to be engineered by the famous entheogenic mycologist/enthobotanist Terence McKenna, God bless his resting spirit. Google us. buy mushroom spores in USA, UK, Europe, and worldwide. For those not familiar with Terence McKenna he was a famous author, speaker, mycologist, botanist on psychoactive plants and fungi and he does have many good books out including my one of my favorite “Food of the Gods.” Unfortunately Terence McKenna died years ago of a brain tumor and now resides in Gods hands. You can buy magic mushrooms online cheap and legit with worldwide delivery

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The reason this strain of cubensis mushroom spores is so difficult to find is because less then %5 of the mushrooms drop spores. The Penis Envy mushroom is a mutant mushroom in a sense. It’s old and unstable, none the less this is one of the greatest cubensis spores available and has a huge following of fans on the net.

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